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Uganda‘s tourism industry is on track – Uganda Safaris

Uganda’s baby gorilla playing uganda safaristourism has greatly improved due to increased safaris to Uganda which have contributed high revenues to the country. This is mainly because the media has started focusing on and allowing healthy debates on tourism.

For a long time, tourism was never given any attention and if any, it was focused on the negative side and that largely kept the Ugandan population out of trying to tap into the tourism potential that the country has. This delayed the development of the tourism sector hence low numbers of Uganda safaris.

Tourism and hospitality are bedfellows, for Uganda both tourism and hospitality are creating more meaningful jobs compared to any sector. The jobs created include: tour guiding, chefs, hotel managers, rangers, reservation officers both in tour companies and hotels, entertainers and many others. These have greatly worked hard to increase Uganda safaris.

The movement of Ugandans within the country has also created strong employment opportunities in upcountry towns like Mbale, Kabale, Kisoro, Gulu, Jinja, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Kasese. This movement has improved domestic tourism in Uganda hence increasing on safaris done by Ugandan citizens

Ugandans travel for various reasons, including sightseeing, business, weddings and seminars, which factors necessitate accommodation, food and entertainment which in turn empower individuals within those areas visited, thereby, reducing rural urban migration, especially to Kampala, in search of employment.

It adds that tourism is the fastest growing sector in Uganda with an annual growth rate of 21% on average, contributing 24% of the total foreign exchange earnings. It also says domestic tourism has increased by 50% over the last 10 years.

While the above statistics are true, the concern is how our potential was casually outlined. Uganda is not an average tourist destination where we can casually mention our potential. Uganda being only 0.18% of total land mass is probably one of the top 13 countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity. Bio-diversity being the relative abundance flora, faunaand the general ecosystem.

Uganda has 6.8% of the world species butterflies, 7.8% species of the world mammals, 53.9% of the mountain gorillas population, the source of the longest river on the continent with the most thrilling rafting opportunity on earth, 10.2% of the world’s species of birds, highest density of primates on earth, more in land water bodies as compared to any country on the continent, world’s largest caldera mountains on Mt Elgon, an average of 28% centigrade for weather, diversity in culture etc.

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