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Uganda’s tourism potential unlimited – Prime Uganda safaris & Tours

horse back riding in ugandaThe tourism sector in Uganda is still facing some challenges which have hindered its growth within the country. This has greatly affected the safaris to Uganda since many tourists have been discouraged from coming to the country. These problems have been existing to the tourism sector and this has been limiting its growth.

Tourism has been affected with the low funding which is provides less funds to the tourism sector. The government has not come out to provide enough funds to the tourism sector which has retarded its operations; this has greatly affected Uganda safaris since the sector has remained un developed in the country.

The poor infrastructures in Uganda have continued to affect the tourism sector. This comes about as a result of poor roads which have affected the safaris in the country since the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda find it hard to drive to the national parks since the roads are really bad. More so, the hotels in Uganda are not to the standard which has lead to decreased numbers of tourists to Uganda.

The tourism sector in case of wildlife is facing a problem of poaching which has tried to reduce the number of animals in the national parks. This has reduced the number of visitors who come for safaris with in Uganda. Poaching is proving a problem since it’s not well handled by the management of the Park.

The sector lacks some professional personnel which can plan for the sector; this has made the sector unlimited since the people managing most of the main offices don’t have skills in tourism studies. This has affected the sector since it has remained under developed which at the same time affected the safari visits.

The sector therefore needs investors who can come up to provide enough funds to the industry; this will help in developing the sector which will later help in increasing the safaris to Uganda and also exploiting the unexploited potentials of Uganda.

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