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Uganda’s tourism sector to earn more funding-Prime Uganda safaris & Tours

GRThe tourism sector needs more funding in order to facilitate its operations within the country. The government has however promised to increase on the funds which are given to the tourism sector so that Uganda safaris can be developed.

The increase is due to help develop the sector since the money which was always allocated to the sector in the budget was little and it was not enough to take care of the operations of the entire sector, this however affected the sector since its problems and challenges were not solved which affected safaris to Uganda.

The tourism sector in Uganda has always been considered as the fast growing industry by many magazines and on top of that the lonely planet, but the sector can increase its growth if its funding from the government is improved. This will automatically help in increasing safari tours to Uganda which will help in developing the tourism sector.

The government has promised to increase the sector’s funds in the upcoming budget. The government has been giving the sector an amount of 53.1b and now the sector will get 65.1 billions; this amount will at least help in facilitating the infrastructural developments of the sector and also to increase on marketing and promotion of the sector which will later help in increasing the number of people who come for safaris in Uganda.

The government has however wished that the funds should focus on improving the roads especially those that lead to the tourism destinations like the national parks so that the tourists can find it easy to go and have safari tours to the national parks, this will however help in attracting more tourists to come for safari visits to Uganda.

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