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Uganda’s tourism to benefit from pope’s visit-Uganda safari News

Uganda is to pope Francisbenefit from the pope’s visit since many people from many other countries will eventually come to Uganda in order to enjoy safaris. Details have kept on emerging that Pope Francis will eventually visit Uganda in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda martyrs which is to be held in October this year.

Pope Paul who visited Uganda in 1994 also raised the status of the Uganda martyrs and these are found in Namugongo. This place has got many Uganda martyrs who were burnt by King Mwanga and these have continuously attracted many tourists who have come for safaris to Uganda. The Catholics all over the world celebrate the martyr’s day on 3rd June every year.

The records have always showed that there are 45 Christians who were murdered for defying the orders of the king, some were Anglican sand others Catholics. Uganda tourism will welcome the pope this will help in bringing many visitors to participate in safari tours to Uganda. The Uganda tourism board has always promoted religious tourism with in the country.

With the developments going on with in the country, the visitors have been advisable to book their safaris to Uganda in time so that they cannot miss out since it’s going to be hard to get accommodation and other services. Uganda has got many attractions which can be engaged in by the tourists who come to Uganda; these include the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, bird species, cultures, and many more which have attracted many tour visits to Uganda.

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