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UN Secretary Calls for Sustainable Recovery of Tourism From COVID-19

UN Secretary Calls for Sustainable Recovery of Tourism From COVID-19

Last week, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a sustainable recovery of tourism as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to us in a video, Antonio Guterres said; “Rebuilding the tourism sector is crucial. But it has to be in a way that is secure, fair and climate-friendly. He said this during the launch of his tourism policy brief and COVID-19.

He also cautioned that transport-related greenhouse gas emissions could rebound sharply if recovery is not aligned with climate targets.

Supporting the millions of tourism-dependent livelihoods means creating a healthy and responsible travel experience that is secure for host communities, staff and travellers, he said.

He established five focus areas: mitigating COVID-19’s socio-economic impacts, building resilience across the entire value chain for tourism, optimizing the use of 
technology in the tourism sector, supporting sustainability and green growth, and cultivating collaborations to further support the Sustainable Development Goals for tourism.
Referring to tourism as one of the most important economic sectors in the world, Guterres said the industry employs one in every ten people on earth, creating hundreds of millions of livelihoods, improving economies and enabling countries to prosper, enabling people to experience some of the world’s cultural and natural resources, and bringing people closer to each other. Hence it was so difficult to see how the COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed tourism, he said.

International tourist arrivals decreased by more than half in the first five months of this year and some US$ 320 billion of tourism exports were lost. Overall, some 120 million direct jobs in tourism are at risk, he noted.

Many job losses occur in the informal economy or micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which, he said, employ a high proportion of women and youth.

The crisis poses a big shock to developed economies. But this is an emergency for developing countries, particularly for many small islands developing states and African countries.

Tourism has become a tool for integration, empowerment and income-generating for women, rural communities, indigenous peoples and many other traditionally disadvantaged populations.

Tourism is also a crucial feature of nature and cultural heritage protection. The fall in revenue has led to increased deforestation and habitat degradation in and around protected areas and the closing of several World Heritage Sites has robbed communities of critical livelihoods, he said.

Guterres concluded his message by calling for the restoration of the role of tourism as “a provider of decent employment, steady income and the preservation of our cultural and natural patrimony.”

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