Uganda Group Safaris and Tours

3 Days Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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The 3 Days Wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best short Uganda safaris that you can ever opt to undertake. It includes the rewarding game viewing like lions, buffaloes, elephants, water bucks, leopard, warthogs and jackals; recreational launch cruise on the 45km long Kazinga channel full of birds, Nile crocodiles and Hippos; Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura and the equator crossing experiences.  readmoregreen button

4 Days Uganda Gorillas & Wildlife Group Safari

Gorilla safaris and Wildlife tour

This 4 day Gorilla trekking safari tour in Uganda is one of the many Uganda Gorilla safari trips in Uganda organized by Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours to search for gorillas. It is one of the short gorilla tours in Uganda that takes you to the best place to see mountain gorillas in Africa in the shortest time possible. This short gorilla tours is arranged to offer you the opportunity to see the rare mountain gorillas only viewed in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo all on the African continent. You will not only trek gorillas in Uganda but also see her amazing wild game as well, for example four of the big five that can easily be seen in each of Uganda’s national parks. This 4 days Uganda Gorilla trek will leave you wanting to see not only more of mountain gorillas in Uganda as well as wildlife but also her beautiful hospitable and loving people, so please book with us and get a life time Africa gorilla safari memory.

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6 Days Uganda Primate & Wildlife Group Safari

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Our 6 Days Uganda Gorilla safari takes you to Uganda`s population of mountain gorillas in Bwindi but also exposes you to Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. It has been confirmed that Mountain gorillas in Uganda have increased to a minimum of 400 in Bwindi according to results from the mountain gorilla census that was carried out by Uganda Wildlife Authority together with the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP), Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN) in DRC and RDB from Rwanda. Scientifically referred to as Gorilla beringei beringei, Uganda`s mountain gorillas live in families headed by a Silverback as the dominant male. However, mountain gorilla families sometimes split up to form new groups especially when there is more than one silverback in a family. Currently there are 36 gorilla families in Bwindi and 16 solitary males of which 10 are habituated for tourism and research. Following the two censuses carried out in the Virunga Massif and in Bwindi in 2011, it has been confirmed that the world’s population of mountain gorillas now stands at a total of 880 after census results showed in 2010 that there were 480 mountain gorillas in the Virunga massif which comprises Rwanda`s Volcanoes National Park, Uganda`s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and DRC`s Virunga National Park, plus the 400 that has been confirmed present in Uganda`s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.This means that Uganda is host to more than half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas trekking safari or tour destination.

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8 Days Uganda Group Safari Highlight

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The 8 Days Uganda safari is one of the interesting safari tours that one can have in Uganda. Customized to the travelers’ interests, the encounter takes you through the memorable white Rhino tracking in Ziwa Sanctuary, game viewing, Nile launch cruise and hike to the top of the world’s powerful water falls – the Murchison Falls in Murchison Falls National Park, chimpanzee trekking in the primate capital of the world, eco-encounters in Bigodi wetland, game reviewing including tree climbing lions and a trilling boat cruise the 45km long Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most treasured safari activity in Africa – mountain gorilla trekking in the hilly forested landscapes of Bwindi dibbed the Impenetrable, recreational boat encounters on Lake Bunyonyi known as the lake of a thousand islands and the amazing photo shoots and amazing water experiments at the Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe.

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10 Days Uganda Gorilla & Wildlife Group Safari


The 10 Days Uganda Safari takes you through the prime Uganda safari destinations including Murchison Falls National Park which is the largest park with counts of giraffe, elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopard among others. The encounters in Ziwa Sanctuary exposes you to white Rhinos, the Nile launch cruise and Kazinga channel recreational encounters allows you to explore the Nile crocodiles, numerous hippos and birds. Talk of chimpanzee trekking in the endowed primate capital of the world with 13 primate species or the famous mountain gorilla trekking in the impenetrable Bwindi lying in the shadows of Virunga Volcanoes, it is all that you have longed to see in Africa. The tree climbing lions of Ishasha and the thrilling boat cruise exploring the 29 islands of Lake Bunyonyi not forgetting night drives & morning walking safari encounter in the famous savannah landscapes of Lake Mburo National Park endowed with counts of Impala and Zebras combine to make this safari a haven of lasting travel memories.

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13 Days Group safari in the shadows of Rwenzori & Virunga Mountains

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This tour will start by visiting the magnificent Murchison falls and then proceed to Kibale National Park for Chimpanzee tracking, then transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park for a game drive and a boat cruise. Then you will proceed to Bwindi impenetrable National Park for Gorilla tracking safari which takes between 2 – 8 hours. The safari also takes you to Rwanda for more Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park. Then proceed to Lake Mburo national park for a game walk and the safari will end with a Nile adventure tour

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15 Days Uganda Rwanda Combined Group Safari

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The 15 Days Uganda safari is a comprehensive trip that will reward you with the safari touch of Uganda and Rwanda. Offering a double gorilla trek in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, the 15 days safari gives attention to detail. The wild game explorations on Murchison Falls National Park along with Queen Elizabeth, Ziwa Sanctuary and Lake Mburo combine to bring the big five of the land animals to your sight while the scenic encounters on Lake Bunyonyi, Mount Rwenzori, the Virunga Volcanoes and the powerful Murchison Falls combine to derive ultimate lasting safari memories. The relaxed recreational boat cruises along the Nile River and the 45km Long Kazinga Channel cannot be underestimated especially with their offers of Nile crocodile counts and Hippos. The Chimpanzee trekking on the primate capital of the world – Kibale along with other 12 primate species and the hot springs encounter in Semuliki add spice to your Uganda safari journeys.

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