touch-by-gorillaMountain gorillas are considered to be endangered species and so they need to be protected from any danger in order to avoid any danger to them. This can be done through promoting rules which are put in place to be followed by the tourists who come for gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda; this can help in protecting mountain gorillas from any danger.

It’s always advisable not trek mountain gorillas when the tourist is sick, this proves to be dangerous to these creatures since they can easily catch human diseases which can kill them leading to their reduced numbers. In case of any disease transmission, gorillas can die hence affecting gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

Preserving and conserving mountain gorillas can also be done through donating to conservation organisations which are working to protect the gorillas. Many organisations have come up to protect these primates through putting up projects which have helped in taking care of the mountain gorillas since they are endangered species, this has helped in increasing gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are well conserved and preserved by Uganda Wildlife Authority which is an organisation which is responsible for protecting the wildlife of Uganda. This has helped in reducing the threats which affect the mountain gorillas hence increasing gorilla trekking visits to Uganda.

Mountain gorillas of Bwindi impenetrable National park are usually visited since; the forest provides a conducive atmosphere to the tourists who come for gorilla safaris to Uganda.

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