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The unexplored pangolin on a Uganda safari tour. – Uganda safari news

Pangolins are lesser known mammals that are interesting to track on Uganda safari/ Uganda safaris/ Uganda safari tours. Pangolins bare a large protective keratin scaled skin. This layer covers its skin. It’s the only mammal with this unique feature. Pangolins are nocturnal mammals. There diet is basically ants and termites. There are basically eight species of pangolins in the world. 4 of which are Asian pangolins and the other 4 are African pangolins.

These small mammals have long tongues that help them to scoop/eat the food they capture.

Pangolins are solitary animals. It’s so interesting that they love their privacy. The male pangolin and the female pangolin only meet to mate. After birth of a baby pangolin its taken care of for two years.


Pangolins have tactful ways of protecting themselves from the big cats that like feeding on them. Because of their hard-scaly body, they can roll up like a ball and lash out their scales to spike the predator.

Uganda safari
A Pangolin termite searching…

Did you know that a pangolin is a totem! In Uganda, there are different kingdoms. But in the Buganda kingdom, there are different clans and each clan has a totem as its symbol. The pangolin is called Olugave in Luganda.

Save the pangolin

Pangolins are the most hunted mammals in the world. In china they are used as meat. Some poachers do smuggle them to countries like China and Vietnam at subsidized prices. For their scales are said to be medicinal.

Ugandan organization’s such as UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) in collaboration with other internal bodies are working tooth and nail to see to it that the soon extinct mammals are protected.

Its unfortunate that pangolins in captivity do not have long life compared to when they are in the wild. It is noted that pangolins in captivity have a life span of approximately 8months.

Generally, wildlife is a beauty that we as humans ought to protect and preserve. Primates like chimpanzee’s, and gorillas are a very good attraction in Uganda because tourists always come for Gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda. Just like Uganda, the DR Congo also has exciting primates like the silverback gorillas. Tourists also go for Congo gorilla safari tours.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

The unexplored pangolin on a Uganda safari tour. – Uganda safari news – Uganda safari news.




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