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At 240km about 3 – 4 hours drive from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, Lake Mburo National Park stands as the closest wild game park that one can easily access from the capital and the Airport.

Though not usually listed among the prime Uganda safari destinations, Lake Mburo National Park’s unique charm comes with those specific features that are rare in most of the Parks.  The acacia dotted Savannah landscape spread across the rolling plains intercepted by beautiful hills most of which feature the ancient Precambrian rocks recorded to be over 500 million years old. This in itself combines to make this park a special destination for travelers on safaris in Uganda.

This amazing natural landscape is home to Uganda’s largest population of Burchell’s Zebra which are often encountered grazing along with the fascinating Ankole long horned cattle – an indigenous cattle breed belonging to Bahima pastoralists that used to graze this amazing rangeland long before even the idea of gazettion was hatched. Just like the Great Migration encountered during East Africa safari in Tanzania where the Zebras, Gazelles and Wildebeest form one herd to venture for fresh pasture, such kind of symbolic alliance is at times visible in Lake Mburo National Park.

The large herds of common eland – the world’s second largest antelope are among the unique offerings explored in Lake Mburo National Park.  It is always a wonderful moment viewing or taking incredible photos at a close look with these amazing antelope species.

Lake Mburo National Park crowns its fame with great populations of Impala and actually the only National Park in Uganda with these antelope species. The great counts of Impala with their McDonald sign are viewed throughout the park grazing, playing, mating or even being chased by predators.

The position of Lake Mburo National Park is also a reason to reckon on! Along the route to the Uganda gorilla safari destinations of Bwindi forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, the guests are given an opportunity to combine both the taste of Mountain Gorillas in the mist with Savannah wild game.

Other wild-game thriving in Lake Mburo National Park include among others; Warthogs, the Cape Buffalos, Oribis, Leopard, Civet and Spotted hyenas.  With 350 species of birds including the endemic Red faced Barbet on Ugandan standards, the rare African finfoot and Shoebill stork, Lake Mburo National Park has proven valuable for birders on birding safaris in Uganda.

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