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UNWTO Secretary General commends the tourism sector in Uganda-Prime Uganda Safaris

Safaris in Uganda are to improve since the tourism sector in Uganda is described as a star in the making to rise to the surface this Mr. Taleb Rafai the secretary general of UNWTO approved . As he addressed the tourism fraternity at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Entebbe on Monday, on his maiden official visit to Uganda, Mr. Taleb remarked that tourism as the oil that runs the economies and which he said never runs out if well preserved.

He continued to say that potential political leadership can place the tourism sector high on the national agenda describing it as the investment for the future. More so, he observed that tourism politically is the most effective tool for creation of peace when people travel and rub shoulders; this he recommended that tours to Uganda should be well improved in order to increase safaris in Uganda.

Hon. Taleb Rafai noted that travel and tourism play a central role in the socio-economic transformation of the country by creating employment and promoting better understanding. He said globally tourism generates 5.2 trillion dollars a year and is the third largest industry.

Furthermore, he said that Uganda is anonymously endowed with tourism potentials like increased safaris, attractions like mountains and others, arguing that what ‘’you do with what you have is what matters’’. He again promised that the UN system in the country will work together to promote and foster tourism growth.

The support that the UNWTO is giving to Uganda has helped in marketing of the country as a tourist destination which has helped in increasing tours to Uganda, said the vice president, Mr. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

He added that the purpose of Mr. Taleb’s visit to Uganda is in line with Uganda’s development agenda of the socio-economic transformation. He said tourism is one of the sectors driving the agenda of creating employment, and developing a productive and competitive labour force.

Dr. Maria Mutagamba, the minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, said that safaris to Uganda will improve if the government is working with UNWTO to define Destination Pearl of Africa by harnessing her natural and cultural endowments. She hailed the UNWTO for the technical assistance to develop Uganda’s tourism policy and master plan 2013.

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