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UWA has got a solution to improve Tourism-Uganda safari News

tree climbing lionsThe Uganda Wildlife Authority ( UWA ) is in charge of promoting the tourism sector in Uganda. This has therefore been done in all possible ways so as have more safaris in Uganda. UWA has decided to sign an agreement with Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Conservation Trust known as Memorandum of Understanding and this will help tourists on Uganda safari to enjoy tracking the chimpanzees without any problem.

This will help promote co-operation in the tourism sector hence boosting the sector and therefore make Uganda a tourist destination. The agreement will help many people in the industry look after the chimpanzees hence attract many safaris to Uganda to trek the chimpanzees hence creating much revenue to Uganda.

 The system needs to be pushed further to different sectors of the country for further development of the economy hence more Uganda safaris. The tourism sector needs a lot of land so as to place there a lot of attractions and wildlife animals that tourists can always visit while on their safaris in Uganda. This will therefore attract them to have more safari visits in Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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