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UWA Reserve to preserve wildlife – Prime Uganda Safaris

uwaUganda safaris have been promoted and marketed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. The Authority is one of the governing bodies that regulates wildlife conservation in Uganda. UWA is in charge of management of 10 National parks, 12 wildlife reserves, and 14 wildlife sanctuaries and provides guidance for wildlife areas. The body is governed by a board of trustees appointed by minister responsible for wildlife.

The Authority has successfully marketed Uganda as a tourist destination and many people have come to know about Uganda and its attractions which include; the many national parks with diverse wildlife , water bodies, Uganda’s diverse culture and many more tourist attractions. A Uganda safari will automatically expose you to all of the above attractions.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has many roles that it plays in order to promote tourism as a sector in Uganda and these include; Management and conservation of wildlife in Uganda, both in and outside the wildlife protected areas, that’s to say National parks, wildlife reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

Safaris to Uganda have improved due to more roles played by UWA, and these also include; ensuring the protection of rare, endangered and endemic species of wild plants and animals, through provision of appropriate wildlife policies, management plants and -promotion of wildlife management best practices and enhancing economic benefits from wildlife management through promotion of tourism.

In order to improve  the Uganda safaris industry, UWA has resorted to promoting public participation in wildlife management using mechanism such as wildlife use rights, as a means of eradicating poverty, through community conservation programs, and promoting wildlife as a form of land use. All this has proved to have helped in increasing on the awareness of Uganda as a tourist destination.

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