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visit Lake Albert while on your Uganda safaris – Uganda Safari News

boat cruise at Lake Albert ugandaRight from the time of the first explorers who spared time to undertake safaris to Uganda in search for the source of the world’s largest river Nile, the most famous Lake Albert located in the borders of Uganda and Congo was named by Sir Samuel Baker after the consort of Queen Victoria Prince Albert in the year 1864.Lake Albert has passed series of names ranging from the Albert Nyanza to Lake Mobutu as well as Sese Seko. This makes the lake not to be an ordinary lake but prominent lake which deserves to be explored by any tourists spending his or her safaris in Uganda.
The famous Lake Albert is considered to be the seventh largest lake in the whole of African Continent and in terms of volume the lakes stands to be 27th in the whole world. The worldwide recognized lake is one of the most great, magnificent lakes the continent of Africa boasts of because the lake plays vital role of separating the two countries of Uganda and Congo.
The prominent Lake Albert is estimated to be 160 kilometers in length and 30 kilometers in width and it’s the number one lake found in the Albertine rift valley that comprises of numerous endemic species such as the world critically endangered mountain gorillas which are the cash cow attractions responsible for many gorilla safaris in Uganda the pearl of Africa. The lake also acts as connecting channel between the world’s well known Victoria Nile and Albert Nile and which play great role of being destination of all the waters which are poured from River Semliki national park.
Besides the beautiful national parks that are the main attractions mainly visited by the various tourists on their Uganda safaris, Uganda the Pearl of Africa is endowed with unique tourists attractions which lie along the shores of Lake Albert and some of these attractions include the Kabwoya wildlife reserve which is gifted with numerous wildlife which can be enjoyed by any traveler on his or her Uganda safaris.
While exploring Lake Albert, visitors can choose to base in Lake Albert Safari Lodge which is a well built lodge with 12 cottages and also well furnished rooms equipped with world class facilities which ensure that visitors on their safaris in Uganda enjoy to maximum without any interference.
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