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mabira forest reserveCovering an area of 306km’s, Mabira Forest Reserve is one of the interesting Uganda safari tour attractions that should be encountered by travellers in Uganda. Positioned along Kampala- Jinja road by branching off at Najjembe trading center, the Mabira Forest Reserve has presented its self as an ideal stop en route to the adventure destination of Jinja where most travellers tend to go while on Uganda safaris and tours.
With its counts of 312 species of trees including the endangered species like Warbhugia, Cordia, Mililia Exclesa, and Millenii with medicinal component to cure close to forty ailments along with vulnerable Prunus Africana that cures prostate cancer and known for boasting Human’s Immune system, Mabira Forest presents perfect eco-tours at a close range with the capital city  Kampala. The forest is also a habitat for 315 species of birds including; the Red Headed Blue Bill, the Shining Blue Kingfisher and the Blue headed Crested Monarc, Seed Cracker, Francolin, Tit Hylia, Cassin Hawk Eagle, the Black bellied, the Forest Wood hoope, the Purple throated Cuckoo and Some of these species can only be found in Mabira making it an ideal birding destination for birders on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The Mabira Forest Reserve has got the potential to generate ultimate Uganda safari tour experiences that can be derived from its range of offers such as Environmental Education and Research , Biking on forestry hills, Bird Watching and Butterfly Identification , Camping and Picnics, Primate Watching and lastly Forest Walks with over 68km of well-developed Trail length and general Forest Exploration.
Besides Mabira’s rich biodiversity, the local communities that have lived around it for centuries have greatly become part and parcel of the forest. And in this, they have got Mabira Eco- tourism drama group that present impressive cultural performances and impressive crafts for the consumption of travellers on safari tour in Uganda.
The accommodation establishments in Mabira Forest Reserve are well laid to provide overnight stay to travellers on Uganda safaris. The Mabira Rain forest lodge and local self-catering Bandas combine to serve this role.
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