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Visiting the Uganda wildlife education center (uwec)

uwecUWEC is one of the fun filled and exciting Uganda safari destinations that are close to Kampala city. Whether one is interested in just viewing wild game or learning about them in detail exploring how they eat, talk and play, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center is the ideal place to go.
Initially formed in the year 1952 by the then British colonial government to act as a reception center for the injured, orphaned, sick and the rescued animals, UWEC later changed to a traditional zoo and named Entebbe Zoo in the 1960s and this name still appears in the heads of most Ugandans and the foreigners who might have visited it during their safaris in Uganda in those days.
It can be noted that during that period, the zoo included the non-native Species such as tigers and bears which were kept just as attractions to be encountered in safari in Uganda. In the year 1994, the UWEC Trust came into existence and took over the zoo with the aim of Conservation education.
The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)’s position at the margins of the gigantic Victoria Lake features a rich vegetation cover, over 120 species of birds including the Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfishers, Shoebill Stork, Hammerkops and African fish eagle, a range of butterflies and a range of animals like lions, leopards, serval, Jackson’s Hartebeest, elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes among others and Primates such as the Black and white colobus monkeys, the Chimpanzees, Olive Baboons, the Patas Monkey among others, Reptiles like the Egyptian Cobra, Nile Crocodile, Gabon Viper, African rock python and Mash terrapin which have made it a darling for minibreak holidays and excursions for both Ugandan and foreigners
The Center presents a range of experiences to its visitors including;
The Chimpanzee close up which involves sitting very close to the chimpanzee looking at each other and shake hands. It is a man meeting a fellow man still undergoing transformation! However, remember this is subject to thorough health checks. Attend to a themed interpretation by the care givers and encounter chimps peeling a banana, holding a cup or request for more food. It is exciting!
There is Behind the Scenes Tour which last two hours and involves an educational and yet entertaining adventure. This involves a close encounter with the elephants, lions among other wild game.
The forest walk which is a 1km trail traversing the pristine forest viewing free range birds, butterflies, the mammals along with chameleons thriving in their natural habitats. Explore a range of plants and their medicinal value
The center also features day care options for children, adults and exclusive VIP experience. The lovely gardens form a perfect venue for events and functions. UWEC also features an accommodation for those who would wish to spend their overnight at the center amidst animals which is a rewarding experience to have while on safari in Uganda.

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