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Volcanoes national park; a one stop shop rwanda safari site

rwanda_mountainsStanding in the north west of Rwanda 116km from Kigali, the Volcanoes National Park is a famed Rwanda gorilla safari destination whose global popularity has been elevated by the counts of mountain gorillas that it supports.
The Volcanoes National Park being part of the Virunga massif that supports 480 counts of mountain gorilla population more than a half of their global numbers that currently stands at 880 is regarded as the gorilla stop center for the travelers undertaking gorilla safaris in Rwanda.
Besides the mountain gorillas, the Volcanoes National Park supports a range of golden monkeys that are also endangered globally. The golden monkeys featuring their magical golden patch on their back are known to only be thriving in the Virunga Volcanoes that stretch from Congo to Uganda through Rwanda and the remaining others thriving in the Gishwati Forest still in Rwanda on global scale. They are rare species and remarkable to encounter and travelers on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris have always incorporated the golden monkey tracking with their gorilla safari package in Rwanda.
The protected area of Volcanoes National Park is marked by the towering volcanic mountain with the highest mountain in Rwanda found within the park boundaries. Mount Karisimbi 4,507m is among the eight mountains that form the Virunga massif. In addition to Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke 3,711m is also within the Volcanoes National Park impressively positioned offering day adventure hikes in the park complemented by the scenic views of Ngezi Crater Lake. The sides of Mount Sabyinyo along with Mount Gahinga and Muhabura also exist in the Volcanoes National Park making it a rich park sharing five volcanic mountains. The travelers on gorilla safaris in Rwanda who love adventure have always found the park rewarding as it is a one stop shop.
Volcanoes National Park being a home to the mountain gorillas had attracted the primatologists that fell in love with the creatures and dedicated their entire life to their continuity. The Karisoke Research station which was the home of the Dian Fossey and where her tomb is located along with that of her great silverback digit presents a rich ground for exploring the gorillas’ past and great efforts that crafted the way for the conservation. The Dian Fossey site hike has always been instrumental product always undertaken a day after the gorilla trekking.
The birders interested in birds, Volcanoes National Park is not a disappointment. The Park settles with 178 species of birds. Amazingly the 13 species of them and the count of 16 sub species are limited to the Rwenzori and the Virunga mountains. The Rwanda gorilla trekking safari undertakers with interest in birds can enjoy the impressive bird sights along the trek.
The combination of the above make the Volcanoes National Park a one stop shop Rwanda safari site even without considering the adjacent attractive features like the Musaze Caves, the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera not forgetting the Russumo falls.

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