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Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to be Protected-Rwanda safari News

virungasThe Volcanoes National Park is the major tourist attraction in Rwanda and it has increased the number of tourists coming for safaris in Rwanda. This park is famous for its rare mountain gorillas which have attracted more gorilla

trekking safaris to Rwanda. This is the only place in Rwanda where gorillas are found therefore attracting a big number of tourists to trek in the park.

However there are many problems which have disrupted tours in the park hence under developing the tourism sector in the region. These include poaching, diseases, deforestation, fires and so many others. These have reduced the number of gorilla safari visits to Rwanda. These lead to habitat loss, loss of the gorillas hence decreasing the number of gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda.

The touroperators have therefore decided to solve the problems affecting the Volcanoes of Rwanda so as to increase more gorilla visits in Rwanda. These include the strict laws against poaching so as to maintain the number of gorillas, encouraging reforestation and discouraging deforestation to avoid habitat loss, treat the gorillas so as to sop their loss and many others. This has therefore preserved the volcanoes and it has promoted more safari tour to Rwanda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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