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We need viable and sustainable methods to achieve long-term plans


Prime Uganda safaris wishes to make a statement about the recently launched Uganda government 40 years strategic plan, especially under the environmental preservation close. It is a shame that in this era as major stakeholders in this country’s resources, citizens who are major stake holders in regard to the country’s resources continue to lag in the background as second fiddle. It is a diversionary and belated attempt of government coming up with its proposals to check on the population growth many days after launching Vision 2040 plan.Apparently it is a priority to that before embarking on any national plan, the population must be checked first and controlled and should have been put into play several years ago. However the media should be appreciated for its efforts in sensitising the masses about the importance of environmental protection so as to reserve the natural resources of Uganda and ensure preservation of the rear species like not encroaching on the forests to protect the rear Ugandan mountain gorillas, wetlands preservation, as well as efforts to protect Lake Victoria which is a habitant to several water creatures which not only helps boost trade but tourism as tourists come into the country look admire buffaloes, hypos as well as those that survive on the water resources such as birds, elephants and antelopes which feed from the water all needed to promote the Uganda safari sector because without them, Uganda safaris will be no more.

In this regard, it is important to put in mind that as we Ugandans aim at achieving some of its intended programs embedded in the Vision 2040, there are still several key issues and areas that need to be considered alongside the goals which have been listed in the 27 years plan so as to harmonise the whole plan and particularly the environmental issues.

Accountability issues and audit issues need to be checked in Uganda so as to benefit from projects which have been put in place to aid in achieving some of the environmental conservation programs. A case in point was when Uganda unlike other states which had received funds failed to account for funds received to aid in implementing the 2nd phase of the Lake Victoria environmental management project issued by the World Bank, to make it worse it had registered one of the worst abuses on Lake Victoria and its surroundings. Ugandans need to look for ways forward on how to utilise our eco-system as far as conservation is concerned as this has far reaching consequences negatively impacting on the development of some of the key sectors highlighted by stakeholders such as tourism/Uganda safari sector which aids Uganda safaris, agriculture which benefits a big percentage of the population and water resources which boost the trade sector among others. Uganda has to thus come up with more viable sustainable methods of upholding environmental sustainability so as to ensure a good living for its citizenry.

Prime Uganda Safaris Article 2013

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