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Western Uganda and its spectacular features – Uganda safaris

This is Umountain gorillasganda’s most scenic and dramatic region, it has greatly attracted many Uganda safaris to this part of the country. This is because it has got spectacular features which have always provided visitors which adventurous experience. There is Lake Albert and George which have got good scenic views with plenty of activities which are enjoyed by the visitors like; spot fishing, swimming boat cruises and many more.

The landscape of this area has attracted many safaris to Uganda since it’s surrounded by many crater lakes and it’s also covered with tea plantations, tropical rain forests, farmlands and the great savannah vegetation. The area has got a variety of flora and fauna including the animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the birds in Semliki rain forest, and the great primates in Kibale National Park and in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

There are many activities which are engaged in by the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda specifically in the western part of Uganda. These activities include; mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale , trekking on the Rwenzori, scenic walks among the Ndali Crater lakes and many more.

The culture of the people of the western part of Uganda is good and it has attracted many tourists who have had safaris to the west. The Rwenzori is a home to the Bakonzo people and the semliki valley is occupied with the Batwa pygmies, the countryside has the Batoro. These people are so welcoming and they have greatly participated in tourism.

Semliki National Park which is also located in the western part of Uganda, however in the extreme east, is an exciting tourist destination and it has attracted many Ugandan safaris. It’s known for its primate and bird watching, the park has got 441 species of birds, 216 forest birds and 80 central African, the park also harbours monkeys, and many other animals.

A safari tour to western Uganda will automatically reward you with these interesting features like the land scape, nature, tree species, forests, many animals which will make your trip rewarding.

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