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What it means to trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda.-Uganda Safaris & Tours news

mountain gorilla trekkingA gorilla safari to Rwanda will automatically avail you with these peaceful creatures, which have got similar characteristics like those of human beings, these gorillas are mainly trekked in volcanoes National park in Rwanda, which has got many mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorilla trekking is an exciting activity which is loved by many visitors who have for long decided to travel from their home countries to Rwanda in order to view these mountain gorillas. This is so beneficial since there is increased revenue in the county and also development of the tourism sector.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is an important activity to the country since it’s considered to be the main revenue contributor to the country; this has greatly helped in developing the tourism sector of Rwanda.

Volcanoes National park has got many gorilla groups which are trekked by the tourists who come for mountain gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda, these groups include;Sabyinyo group, Amahoro, Group 13,Umubaro,Kwitonda group, Hirwa group, Ugenda group and Bwenge Group, all these groups have  attracted many tourists who have come for gorilla tours in Rwanda.

In addition to the trekking of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, visitors can also enjoy; chimpanzee tracking, birding safaris, cultural safaris, wildlife safaris and many more which can complement Gorilla tracking activities in Rwanda.

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