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What makes a successful safari in Uganda- Prime Uganda Safaris

logoThe guide is the key to a great safari. The guide‘s knowledge, sensitivity and good humour are some of the most essential elements of a successful safari in Uganda. Prime safaris guides are the best. The visitors who travel with Prime safaris have always appreciated the guides.

Uganda safaris have greatly increased in Uganda due to the presence of attractions found in Uganda and they have also contributed to the successful trips in Uganda. There are many attractions found in Uganda that are wonderful to the visitors. These include; the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, wildlife, water bodies hospitable people and their cultures.

The type of Accommodation also makes the safari in Uganda wonderful. Uganda has got many and good lodges and hotels that facilitate the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda. Almost every national park has got lodges which favour all types of tourists ie the luxury, budget and the mid range.

Uganda is blessed with good roads that lead to the tourist destinations. These good roads have greatly contributed to successful safaris in Uganda. This is mainly the tourists always recommend others to come to Uganda and tour with Prime safaris & tours LTD.

Uganda is a unique destination as compared to other destination in East Africa for it is the pearl of Africa. It has friendly people, about 10 national parks each with magnificent features that some parks in Tanzania and Kenya may not have. Like Murchison falls national park has the Murchison falls and the boat cruise to the bottom of the falls.

A boat ride along the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls National Park is enjoyable in a away that it exposes you to unique aquatic species like the Nile crocodile which is quite rare in other parts of East Africa.

Then Queen Elizabeth National park ‘s boat ride along the Kazinga channel is also an exhilarating adventure that you must not miss for a sight of a yawning hippopotamus and many migrant and non migrant birds is a worthwhile!.

Another Unique thing about Uganda is the Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National park. Kibale National park is well known to be East Africa’s home of primates with many species that you may never find anywhere else in East Africa.

All the above have always contributed to having a successful safari in Uganda by the visitors who travel with Prime Safaris & tours LTD.

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