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What makes your Ugandan adventure true – Uganda Safaris & Tours

trekkinggorillasUganda has been considered as the best destination in Africa and it has been visited by many tourists all over the world who have come for Uganda safaris in order to be part of this adventure.
Uganda is blessed with wonderful mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, they are eight habituated mountain gorillas in Uganda and they are frequently visited by the tourists who come to Uganda for gorilla trekking safaris.
The interesting chimpanzees found in Kibale National Park are also going to make your safaris to Uganda come true since these have got interesting features which are similar to those of humans, they can also be found in queen Elizabeth National park at Kyambura gorge. These have attracted many chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda.
Mountain climbing tours in Uganda have always proved adventurous since many tourists have come for mountain climbing safaris to Rwenzori Mountain which is located in the western Uganda, others have visited mountain Elgon which has got many volcanic features and a variety of wildlife. These mountains have attracted many safaris to Uganda.
Ugandan National parks also provide a good experience to many visitors who come for safaris in Uganda. These have got a variety of wildlife, bird species for those interested in bird watching, tree species, nature walks and many other activities which are adventurous.
Culture in Uganda is also a great factor in making your tour colorful, Uganda has got diverse culture which includes many tribes, like the Buganda, basoga, banyankole, the karamajongs and many others who speak different languages, these people are all hospitable and they have interesting cultural features which make them unique from others hence attracting many cultural safaris to Uganda.

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