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What to carry on your visit to Uganda- Uganda Safari News

Tourists have got gorilla smilesdifferent questions  and most of them rotate around what to carry while preparing a safari visit to Uganda. These questions include; what to wear while trekking mountain gorillas, the best time to trek gorillas, what to carry on a safari and many more.

Tourists are advised to carry many items when they are coming for safaris to Uganda, these help them in the completion of their adventurous tours with in Uganda, these items include; the high SFP sunscreen, flash light, insect repellent, spare or rechargeable batteries, waterproof bags, electronic plug adaptors, antiseptic hand wash and many other

For the clothes, tourists on their safari tours to Uganda are advised to carry good walking boots or shoes, water proof jacket, lighter clothings, sandals and other light shoes, warm clothes for mountainous regions, sun hat and also visitors are advised to dress respectfully with in the country.

Other special equipments for the safari to Uganda include; binoculars, these will help you view properly the wildlife especially in the national parks, the cameras are also important since they help the tourists to take photos of the attractions they have visited,

It’s always important to seek advice from your tour operator for more information regarding what’s needed for a safari tour to Uganda. This will also help in creating increased tours to Uganda hence increasing the amount of Revenues in the country.

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