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What to know About Katonga Wildlife Reserve in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Katonga Wildlife ReserveKatonga wildlife Reserve in Uganda is one of the unpopular reserves in Uganda especially to visitors on their safari tours to Uganda and this has made the reserve to be left out by most of the travelers when spending their holiday safaris in Uganda. This reserve is situated in the middle of Uganda just mere 200 kilometers distance drive on the western direction from Kampala. Katonga wildlife reserve can be best explored by visitors on Uganda safaris footing and using canoes. The discussed reserve supports the survival of about 40 different mammal species which are of great interest to different world travelers who undertake safaris to Uganda. Among the elusive mammal species which can be easily viewed by travelers who undertake Uganda safaris to Katongo wildlife reserve include the species of the African elephants, river otter, water bucks, and reed buck, the Uganda kob. The remarkable primate species include the olive baboons as well as the colobus monkeys. The reserve is unique because it’s the only best tourism destination in whole region of East Africa where travelers on safaris to Uganda can have that one chance view the secretive sitatunga Antelope.
The vigorous Efforts by the government to protect the wildlife against human activities of poaching are slowly enabling the wildlife populations to be regained in the game reserve. It’s due to these efforts that numerous antelope species can be easily seen by travelers who book Uganda safaris to the reserve. The Reserve can only be accessed by visitors on foot because there are no roads networks allowing safari vehicle to access the reserve.
In addition, the reserve is also home to 150 elusive bird species and this enables it to be one of the prominent areas were visitors on birding safaris and tours to Uganda can easily enjoy the sounds and shining sights of the different bird species .
The beautiful scenery of Kotonga game reserve characterized with ever green rainforest as well as papyrus swamps and savanna vegetation are acting as habitat to different wildlife and bird-life that form the highlight attractions in the Reserve. The game reserve is strategically located on the extreme edges of the prominent Katonga river valley. Therefore taking Uganda safari to Katonga will avail with the chance to enjoy the adventurous canoe trip which takes you through a narrow channel and the swampy areas. The highly rewarding experience is accompanied with the views of unique water as well as papyrus elusive bird species, the Sitatunga plus even the river otters. The elusive wildlife in the game reserve is best viewed through participating in the guided interesting nature walks in the different developed trails.
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