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What to know about the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National park – Uganda Safari News

kazinga channel - Queen Elizabeth npThe famous Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park 40 meters long channel that connects the two Ugandan Lakes i.e. Lake Gorge which is to the situated in the eastern side and Lake Edward which is positioned on the western side. The Kazinga channel is one of the main important unique attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park and most travelers have been attracted to take safaris to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth to experience the Launch cruise in the Kazinga Channel.
Lake George is situated on the Eastern part of the Kazinga Channel and this mean the lake can be explored through the channel. The famous Lake George is fed by numerous streams flowing from the splendid Rwenzori Mountains which is situated in the northern side of this lake. The calm water from Lake Gorge flows directly through the remarkable Kazinga Channel continuing to the western side into the adjacent main fresh water body in Uganda called Lake Edward. The two lakes connected by the Kazinga channel are some of the natural wonders that support the existence of different wildlife and plant life which are attracting many safari tours to Uganda.
The remarkable shores of the Kazinga channel attract a large number of wild animals such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and these makes the channel unique place that attracts the attention of different tourists on their wildlife safaris to Uganda. The astounding Kazinga channel offers the best viewing opportunities to most unique wildlife housed in the popularly well- known Queen Elizabeth national park.
Taking Boat Cruise on the wonderful Kazinga Channel is one of the highly recommendable options where travelers on Uganda safari tour to Queen Elizabeth can easily enjoy the magnificent views of the prolific bird life that rotate with in the shores of the channel and the banks of the two lakes joined by the channel. The adventurous boat cruise  run from 3pm and 5pm Ugandan local time.
The famous Kazinga channel consists of different sections like the North Kazinga and the endowed Kasenyi plains. These two sections of the Channel are highly recognized as the unique plains in Queen Elizabeth national that provide visitors on the safari tour to Uganda’s Queen chance to enjoy the views and sights of different unique wildlife and also rare natural vegetation. The Kazinga Channel in Queen should be visited by all the travelers planning to undertake wildlife safaris to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth national park.
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