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What to know about the Kibale Primate species in Uganda- Uganda Safaris News

chimpanzee safaris in ugandaKibale National park in Uganda is well known due to the largest number of the primates surviving in the Park Forest and the most famous one being the endangered chimpanzee and this has acted as a pull factor to many visitors taking their safaris to Uganda mainly to Kibale in order to have a face to face encounter with the world’s endangered primate species surviving in this wonderful part of the world.
Kibale national park is diversified and endowed with the highest density of interesting primates’ species in the whole of African continent and the best way one can have face to face encounter with this diversified primate species is by booking a safari to Uganda and then he or she will be taken to watch the interesting human like chimps among other primates. The park is more popular due to its ability to house an estimated number of 13 individual species of primates and the most famous and desired by tourists is the endangered species of the chimpanzees’ man’s closest relative surviving in the ever green forests of Kibale and therefore visit to this park will enable one to spend an hour watching the intelligent, humble chimp species. The park is proud that out of total number of 1450 chimpanzees all found in the Uganda; the park is the only one with the largest number of the world endangered species of the Chimpanzees hence offering 99% chances for visitors on their Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris to watch the primates in their natural state and habitat.
The forest is also habitat to vast numbers of the East African’s threatened species of the red colobus as well as the rare species of the L’Hoest’s monkey. The other relevant primates found in the protected area include the white and black colobus, bush baby, potto plus the red-tailed, grey-cheeked mangabey, as well as the blue monkeys and olive baboon species. This makes Primate walk in Uganda a must do activity for any tourist spending his safaris in Uganda and east Africa in general.
Though Kibale is well known for its various primate species, the park also is gifted with at least 70 mammal species which can be spotted in the park perimeters .The park has the ground-dwelling animals but these are difficult to see in the dense ever green forests of Kibale national park and among the species which cannot be easily seen include the estimated total number of 500 elephants that are reported to be living in the forest park, other mammal species involve the buffalos, warthogs, leopards, duikers as well as the bush pigs species and golden cats and .The rare species that can be only sighted by the travellers on their Uganda primate safaris and tours who are keen observers and have good eye sight include the reptiles, amphibians and also the colourful variety of 250 individual species of butterflies.
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