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Where to locate mountain gorillas in Africa – Uganda safaris & Tours

mountain gorillas in AfricaFor those who are interested in making gorilla trekking safaris to Africa, Uganda or Rwanda can provide you a complete experience, Africa is such a big continent with so many countries to visit and so many attractions to view. Rwanda and Uganda should be the first countries on your mind since they are filled with the most interesting primates in the world.

The scenery of these countries is stunning and it has favoured many Uganda safaris, Rwanda safaris, Uganda gorilla safaris, Rwanda gorilla safaris, which has resulted in the marketing of these countries to the outside world.

The area is also known to lie in the great lakes region and it has got many lakes and rivers all found in Uganda and Rwanda, these water bodies have contributed to increase in tourist activities like boat cruises, swimming and many other activities. These water bodies have attracted many Uganda safaris.

Uganda is considered to be a very green and lush country with high amounts of rainfall and a worm equatorial climate which is distributed all year around. Apart from the gorilla tracking safaris carried out in Uganda, the country boats a natural beauty all over the country. Uganda is also protected by many national parks, which include queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and many others.

Rwanda which is also important for gorilla trekking in Africa, is a mountainous country with many peaks along its boaders.The natural rain forest in Rwanda is also protected in the parks which has attracted many safaris to Rwanda, The most famous national park in Rwanda is volcanoes national park which is a home to half of the mountain gorillas remaining in the world.

Mountain gorilla trekking both in Uganda and Rwanda has been a famous activity which has been participated in by many tourists from all over the world.

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