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white-faced whistling duck; birds of Uganda – Uganda safari news

White faced Whistling , uganda safarisScientifically referred to as Dendrocygna viduata, the White-faced whistling duck is an interesting bird species that breeds in South America and the sub Saharan Africa including Uganda where it is explored on Uganda birding safaris and tours.

Recorded to be gregarious species, the white-faced whistling ducks thrive in large flocks generating a very impressive viewing experience. This makes them species of interest among the world birders including those on birding safaris in Uganda.

The white-faced whistling duck feature long bill that is grey in color, long legs, black head and neck but with white face which forms the background for their naming. Both sexes feature similar appearance.

Regarding habitats, the white-faced whistling duck thrives in a range of fresh water habitats that include; swamps, lakes, flood plains and large rivers such as River Nile where they are viewed in the Uganda Safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park. The White-faced whistling duck prefer wetlands in open country featuring sandbars or mud and diverse vegetation that they use for nesting.

The White-faced whistling duck feeds on seeds along with other plant food. It lays a range of 8 – 12 eggs in the stick nest close to the ground and rarely do they nest in trees.

Regarding conservation, the ling duck is listed as species of least concern on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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