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Why Choose Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd.




We know that you are special hence you deserve a personal-unique safari experience! Our team is never sure that we are the right company to organize your safari until we are certainly sure that we have incorporated ALL your safari needs and personal special desires such as dietary requirements, special safari moments, lodge choice, transportation needs, etc, that you specifically need for your dream Africa safari.

We, therefore, take extra care to listen to you and ask you as many questions as required to ensure we exactly craft the very type of safari you desire. Once we have ALL your workable wishes and interests covered, then we are sure that we deserve to be chosen by you to organize your ultimate Africa safari experience that will implant in you lasting lifetime memories!


We are committed to following the Global Sustainable Tourism guidelines, practicing low-impact tourism, and generously contributing to activities geared towards the protection of natural resources. In our operations, we are deeply rooted in changing the life and future of Vulnerable Children in Uganda.

In the bid to protect our environment from emissions and hazardous fumes, we have secured the latest models of safari customized 4×4 safari Land cruisers and vans, ranging from Models 2005 to 2020. These cars produce less emission, they are clean and sound, to give you comfort with ultimate safety during your safari BUT also protect our environment, this being one of our major Vision & Mission pillars.


Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd has established a long-standing business relationship with other service providers involved in the Uganda travel industry. We, not only recommend and book accommodation that suits your taste and preference but is the safest for your entire stay.

We always ascertain you will dine at only clean and safe hotels/restaurants that meet our requirements, and your budget and uphold the Coronavirus SOPs, before recommending you to use their service. Carefully we choose hotels based on their safety first, hygiene, and their general quality and location– right from Inns, Ordinary lodges to economy class and five-star accommodations.

Our safaris are done with the utmost concern for your safety first, we avoid risky tourist areas, activities, and communities if any. Our team shall at any time protect you from hazardous situations, pay attention to your special health conditions and help you access medical help when needed. All our cars meet the Covid-19 SOPs and guidelines

We ensure that all our cars and other transport means are safe and sound, in this bid we have secured the latest models of safari customized 4×4 safari Land cruisers and vans ranging from Models 2005 to 2020.

These cars are emission-free, clean, and sound to give you comfort as well as ultimate safety when you are on your safari. In case of any unavoidable breakdown, we ensure we put your safety first and fix the issue as soon as possible.

ALL our cars are under 24-hour set light surveillance hence we know where you are at any moment and track your safety and the speed at which you are driven, is tourism recommended a maximum of 100Km/Hr, yet in many spots, it will be less than that and in parks, it will be a maximum of 40Km/Hr.

All our cars meet the Covid-19 SOPs and guidelines as recommended by the World Health Organisation to ensure your safety

We have a national wide network of professional multilingual guides for every country where we operate, that are experienced in driving, knowledgeable with immense experience in the tourism sector, and have a specific understanding of the prime tour destinations you are to visit.

All our driver guides have special guiding skills and ensure visitors’ safety or prevention of any potential harm if any arise. We assure you that our African safari packages are very attractive and we look forward to meeting your travel needs and expectations. Please contact us for more info on our 24/7 line at +256773912891 /+256414532162


With our proven record of being among the best Uganda Tour Operators and one of the best East African tour operators, We offer ultimate Africa tour services to meet your holistic personalized safari expectations, that being our business core pillar.

At every stage, safaris are customized to meet your taste until when we meet your special needs. What we term as your taste and preferences, are your places of interest to visit, transport choice, accommodation type, the food you desire to eat, special time of travel, etc.

Our experienced team of travel experts provides an itinerary according to your likes. For whatever travel plan you have in mind, we are creative to make it possible with the best service quality, because of the uncountable experience we have, to make your travel plans successful, give you a lifetime memory, and an African safari dream come true.


Our Company offers scheduled, customized safari packages, and purchasing can be done online, by phone call, and by walking into our offices. For ALL our tours, success is attained through our profound Company values, supplier relationships, customer service, and our safari guarantee.

Our commitment begins with your first attempt to contact us – be assured to receive a prompt response within 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the solutions we have available to attend to your needs and the time when you make contact.

Our company offers free consultations with itinerary adjustments throughout the reservation exercise. You’re free to customize your safari dining, transportation (water, Air, and road), and hotel accommodations where applicable. We oblige to see you feel a typical remarkable Africa safari adventure experience and an East African love as you get exposed to the cultures and traditions in different regions as you travel.


Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd was formed majorly as a means to earnest funds to support Christ Our Vision Child Care International (COVCC  ) in its divine charity obligations to support the Orphaned and Vulnerable children, helpless widows, and the elderly who had no help at all after being worst hit by the HIV/AIDS, yet they deserve all their Human Rights.

Part of the proceeds/ profits realized from this agency is directly channeled to the many obligations of (COVCC) hence by traveling with Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, you directly help the beneficiaries of (COVCC) and provide them with opportunities to live a better life, and enjoy some of the basic human rights such the right to life, education, clothing, food and clean water plus medication, which are all a mere wish to all these people.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]

For Safari Bookings We Accept

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We are highly reviewed on TripAdvisor & Safari Bookings.

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People who always support & endorse our work

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