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Why Gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is beyond young people below 15years of Age-Uganda Safari News

mountain gorilla trekking ugandaThe minimum years for mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda is Fifteen years (15) and above for visitors hopping to track and spend the one memorable hour with the world endangered species of the mountain gorillas thriving in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Maghinga National Park all permanently located in south western part of Uganda.
Below the age of 15 years, a person is considered a child by all standards and will not be authorized to go on any mountain gorilla trekking experience in any of Uganda gorilla trekking destinations.
Mountain gorillas are confirmed to be critically endangered species with only an estimated number of 880 individual gorillas thriving in the wild in the whole world and as such all means to help save and protect them have been put in practice. It is assumed that persons below the age of fifteen years are very vulnerable to transferable diseases and can easily transfer them to mountain gorillas while on face to face encounter with the Mountain gorillas. To help avoid such risks, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and other concerned stake holders involved in the conservation and protection of mountain gorillas came up with such age limit.
The most factual reason is that no one can ever predict how young children below 15 years will react or behave when they meet the giant mountain gorillas face to face in their dense forests. For instance a child may decide to take off instead of scouting down or sitting down if a mountain gorilla charges against trekker’s presence and this may result into mountain gorillas following trekkers since they are wildlife animals though habituated. In order to reduce such negative occurrences, children below the age of 15 are not authorized to trek gorillas in any of Uganda gorilla trekking destinations.
Uganda Wild life authority has managed to restrict young children through requesting for a gorilla permit for one to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda and also requesting for the passport copy of all the visitors booking gorilla trekking permit. If you are ascertained that you are below the required age, then you will be automatically denied permit and advised not to trek.
If by luck, you succeed to get a permit on booking, you may not escape to be identified on the actual day of gorilla trekking. Before gorilla trekking briefing takes place, all visitors are kindly requested to present original copies of their passports and in a scenario where your age is doubted, they may ask for your birth certificate and if later confirmed that you are below age, you will be denied to trek the mountain gorillas in their serene environment of Bwindi or Mgahinga.
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