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Why relocating Rothschild giraffes to lake mburo national park is significant – Uganda safari news

girraffes - uganda safariUganda Wildlife Authority, the body that is responsible for wildlife management in Uganda and the Uganda safari parks and reserves in particular embarked in the move to trans-locate the Rothschild giraffe from the northwestern national park of Murchison Falls to the southwestern National Park of Lake Mburo which are all visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda
The Rothschild Giraffes are noted to be one of the unique wildlife Species on the planet earth and being the tallest land mammals, they remain a central point of interest for the wildlife safari lovers including those that undertake wildlife safari tours in Uganda.
In Uganda, these remarkable species have been thriving in Murchison Falls National Park and the distant Kidepo Valley National Park thus found in only two parks out the ten that are found in this country. The plan to transfer twelve (12) giraffes consisting of four (4) males and eight females (8) to Lake Mburo National Park has been welcomed in good faith.
The detailed study by Uganda Wildlife Authority indicates that Lake Mburo National Park has got what it takes to accommodate these giraffes. The savannah eco system on the park marked by a wide range of acacia flora present a rich food content for the Rothschild Giraffes just like what they have been enjoying in Murchison Falls National Park
It can be noted that one of the parks in the south western Uganda which is the country’s tourism hot spot had Rothschild giraffes. Lake Mburo its self has been featured less on the lists of what to encounter by travelers while planning their safaris to Uganda due to its limited attractions. The entire region of the south west have been capitalizing on the mountain gorillas which attract gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda along with a diverse wild game in Queen Elizabeth National Park including the tree climbing lions but the giraffe could not be traced in the area.
Therefore the introduction of Giraffes in Lake Mburo National Park is seen as a perfect move through which limited time travelers can have an opportunity to encounter the giraffes along with other usual attractions in the region. This would definitely generate memorable experience for travelers on a safari in Uganda
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