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Why the tourism industry is unpredictable – Uganda Safaris

flooded roadsThe tourism industry has contributed too many Ugandan safaris and it’s the major income earner and employment provider in Uganda. The tourism sector in Uganda is unpredictable mainly because it faces many obstacles which affect its operations.

The terrorist attacks that are done to Uganda and to the neighboring countries have greatly affected safaris to Uganda since many tourists can decide to withdraw their bookings and don’t turn up for the safari visits due to the attacks. These attacks provide a negative image to the outside world hence affecting the tourism sector.

The political instabilities also make tourism unpredictable in a country like Uganda. This might arise due to political unrest which might be going on within the country. This affects safaris since the tourists decide not to travel to that particular country or postpone the trips to later dates hence affecting the tourism industry.

A recession in developed countries can make the tourism industry unpredictable in any African country like Uganda. Recession problems can heavily limit tourists from traveling from their home countries to foreign countries which in turn affect safaris in Uganda.

In addition to the above problems, the tourism sector in Uganda has been made unpredictable by many factors including, lack of enough support from the government, the poor Roads and underdeveloped hotels which don’t meet standards, corruption which is taking hand and limiting the development of the sector in Uganda, all these have reduced the number of safari adventures to Uganda

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