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Why tourism is the untapped wealth in Uganda-Uganda safari news

Tourism in Urocksganda is considered to be the untapped wealth since it has been attracting many tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. Uganda which is the pearl of Africa has greatly helped in developing the tourism sector through the variety of attractions which are sold as tourism products to the outside world.

Uganda has made over 300 million dollars from the tourism sector. This was from the 770000 arrivals which were recorded in 2006 and 883000 in 2007. These were people who were coming for business,across border trade and conferences. These have greatly helped in attracting more people to come for safari tours to Uganda.

Kampala has got many tourist arrivals and these have greatly enjoyed the many attractions which are found within the city. These have attracted many tourists to come for safari visits to Uganda. The attractions include; the kabaka’s Lake, the palace, Bulange building, the cultural sites, the lubaga cathedral, Namirembe cathedral kasumbi tombs,bahai temple and many more.

Even though tourism is the main foreign exchange earner, the government has not put in a lot of efforts to promote it which has retarded its growth in the country. Uganda’s tourism sector has been lagging behind to that of Kenya and Tanzania, this is because these two countries have greatly marketed their tourism sectors greatly hence increasing their safaris.

The private sector has come up to support in the financing of the tourism sector which will help to develop the sector . hence this will help to increase the number of travelers who come for safari tours to Uganda.

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