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Why trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

gorillas in rwandaDespite of the fact that different travelers from different corners of the world have under taken Gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda to have good time with the Ape species of mountain gorillas that are living in the volcanoes national park, some travelers are steal asking themselves a reason as to why they should trek the mountain gorillas in Rwanda .It’s because of this reason am  trying to explain the importance of under taking gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda or Uganda. The stunning Mountain gorillas are not described as largest apes’ species, but gorillas are also among the primate species that have been identified to be facing a serious extinction. Therefore by you under taking Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, you will be contributing to the conservation of these apes because part of the money you pay for gorilla permits is properly distributed to protect and conserve the mountain gorillas.
Mountain Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a lifetime experience which no visitor should miss while still surviving in this planet earth. To encounter these thrilling species in their natural home of Volcanoes in Rwanda or Bwindi in Uganda offers greats memories in your life which you will share until your last breathe on earth. The one hour allocated to travelers on Rwanda gorilla trekking tours and safaris exposes you to unique characteristics which are 95% similar to those of human beings.
Besides conserving mountain gorillas and life time memorable experiences, Mountain gorilla trekking safari tour to Rwanda will greatly help the local communities living near protected areas where mountain gorillas are protected. Part of the money you spend on permit is allocated to local communities .The 20 % of your entrance fees to Volcanoes national park famous for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda is used to improve on local community schools, health centers, roads among other community protects. Hence your gorilla safari to Rwanda or Uganda will help the helpless people living in these remote areas to acquire basic needs. Your gorilla safari to Rwanda also helps the country to earn foreign exchange which is lacking in these developing countries.
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda has created number of employment opportunities to many local people living in destination places. From your first day to Rwanda, there is particular local person who earns a living from your gorilla tour to Rwanda. By the time you pay for the air ticket, it means you have employed someone working with airlines. While in Rwanda, the lodge, tour and travel company you will you to travel also employs some local people as waiters working in lodges, guides in parks, companies, consultants in travel companies. In conclusion, your Rwanda Gorilla Safari is hilly of value to both you and the host country hence all of us must embark on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda or Uganda.
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