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Why Uganda is considered to be the best source market for Kenya-Uganda Safaris & Tours

hippos uganda safarisOver 33,000 Ugandan tourists have continuously visited Kenya for safaris yet this is not happening in Uganda since there are few Kenyans coming to Uganda for safari visits. Ugandans have spent lots of money in Mombasa, which has affected domestic tourism in Uganda.

Ugandans are not even investing in tourism and this has affected Uganda safaris since they have reduced in number. This means that Ugandans are not interested in developing the tourism of their country but instead spend the money in other countries.

Uganda has got many tourist attractions like National parks, water bodies, land scape and nature and many others more than Kenya; this means that Uganda has the capability of earning more revenue from its safaris than Kenya. However, Kenya has continued to earn more money from the tourism sector.

Uganda has continued to have undeveloped tourism sector because of the low funds which are available to market domestic tourism .The government has continued to give the tourism sector low funds which is not enough to fund the marketing and the promotion of the tourism sector to the outside world. This has reduced safaris to Uganda.

It’s realised that Uganda has not put in a lot efforts to market the tourism to the outside world, many small countries have marketed their tourism industries more than Uganda, and this has continued to reduce Uganda safaris.

Ugandans need to come up to be proud of their country, this will help in developing domestic tourism and this will help in increasing safaris with in Uganda.

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