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Why you shouldn’t Cancel your Safari, Trip or Holiday

Why you shouldn’t Cancel your Safari, Trip or Holiday!

Early this year, the travel industry in Africa and around the world has survived massive crises from thousands of travelers that had planned their Africa safaris, holidays, vacations and trips in different travel destinations around the world. According to the year, it is like one-third of the year’s business is gone, but two-thirds of the year isn’t, and that’s where we are focusing. Having originated from China where the highest numbers of confirmed cases of people infected are, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to spread globally, infecting thousands of people, impacting dozens of countries, making many cautious to travel.

As a tour operator in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and in other parts of Africa, we have called upon all travelers to postpone rather than cancel their Africa tours so we keep the dream of travel alive.

Postponements, not cancellations 

Why you shouldn’t Cancel your SafariAs tour operators, we understand there are lock-downs of different countries and ban on public transport as well as restriction of movement of people from one place to another.

Therefore, after nights of tears and exhaustion of this coronavirus crisis in our countries, we need to look down to positivity and postponements. This is the only way we shall forget this tragedy, therefore, Prime Safaris as a company has been trying to talk to its travelers to try to postpone their tours in Rwanda, their safaris in Uganda, Tanzania tours, Kenya trips and many more, rather than cancel or demand for a refund.

For those that have agreed, we have kept their safe money on our company accounts for a postponement rather than demand a refund. When things go back to normal, they will still have their trips booked.

It is a very sensitive time therefore convincing someone to postpone is also a tough moment. This coronavirus crisis has been a good reminder of the type of travelers. Many tourists had booked their adventure trips in Africa, honeymoon holidays, family trips and many more but after the travel ban in various countries, some have agreed to postpone, an indicator that tells us that people want to travel.

Reasons why you shouldn’t cancel your Safari, Trip or Holiday

Hanging the date of that booked holiday could be the kindest thing to do right now. Rather than seeking a refund, simply postponing plans might be a greater help than you could imagine. It may not feel right even thinking about travel right now but we will want to. And until you do, there are a lot of people out there relying on travellers. Around 10 per cent of the world works in tourism. And right now most of those people have pretty much lost their jobs without notice. Not just the travel agents or flight attendants currently on unpaid leave. Many safari guides, lodges, flight attendants and others rely on tourism, soon they’ll have nothing.

As tour operators, we would like to let you know ‘We’re in this together’. That’s the feeling and spirit in this cherished community of ours. Postpone or reschedule, don’t drop that trip. When we do finally get away, we will be more eager than ever to welcome you.

Why you shouldn’t Cancel your SafariAs lovers of travel, the best thing you can do for small, independent hotels in Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of the world is show sensitivity and support. Or else they might not be there on the other side. It’s not just about businesses losing bookings; it’s about all the individuals throughout the supply chains set to suffer from a total loss of income.

Watching 24 hours of news a day about the virus will only make you feel more rotten. Therefore we advise that when the travel ban is over, freshen up! “Go to nature. Go and nourish your soul. You have to lift the soul and do what will make it happy. Post and communicate the best of humanity and humor. Showing hope and strength are welcome messages for everybody especially through this hard time.

Tour Operators prove their value

Why you shouldn’t Cancel your Safari

Since the pandemic breakout, safari operators and travel advisors like Trip Advisor, Safari bookings and many more are now a bigger demand than they were before. Travelers or tourists that hadn’t booked with tour operators are undergoing a big mess following the different lock down of different countries. Many have found it hard to get through to online booking sites they used.

Tourists that booked with Africa tour operators like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd and other travel advisors have not found problems. Not only do these safari answer their client emails and whats app messages but also answer their calls to ensure they answer all their queries regarding their Uganda safaris and other trips in Africa.  

The unavoidable rebound 

Why you shouldn’t Cancel your Safari

We agree that the crisis has affected more industries than just travel, but the travel industry will start to bounce back when the travel restrictions in different countries have been lifted.

Though not all, clients have been super understanding and we grateful to them.  We encourage all tourists that have returned from some great trips, holidays, tours, and safaris to teach the rest about it. This can be through their social media platforms, Trip Advisor reviews, and stories as well.

It is not irresistible of course but…

Though it does feel like the biggest challenge to ever hit the travel industry worldwide, it is defeatable! It is also realistic to note that positivity will help us get better. We all aware that this Coronavirus won’t go away overnight, but the situation will continue to change rapidly and we shall get over it.

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