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Work hard, play harder; this is Kampala – Uganda safari news

The modern saying goes, “work hard, play hard”, but in Kampala we say “Work hard, play harder”. Making tours to other cities of the African continent and then comparing findings with what Kampala has to offer will surely lead you towards a conclusion that Ugandans play a lot. A Safari to Uganda should offer participants a chance to play so hard that sometimes it will pain.
Well it should be obvious that Kampala; Uganda’s Capital City, is the country’s business hub; with so many arcades and shops `parading the roads making a continuous corridor of roads filled with motorists of all levels; some on two (2) wheels and others on over eight (8) wheels, not forgetting others who walk to work.
Yes, in preparation for your Uganda Safari adventure, you will want to buckle-up for a lot of daily hooting and screaming as people try to maneuver their way to arrive at work in and on time. Ugandans are a hardworking people with many folks toiling for over 12 hours, five days a week, while others keep their shops open all seven (7) days of the week. It is just in their genes to work hard and even immigrant residents do not need a lecture before they take up a similar behavior.
But how about the bigger playing bit of the Kampala City story, here it is! The city does not seem to sleep; a trot through Kampala especially on a Friday night would have you wondering whether people even have beds. The art of losing stress is something Ugandans have perfected. Kampala’s night packages are offered in bars and clubs lined up one after the other in frequented places like Kololo, Kabalagala and Bugolobi; where you can also showcase your groove skills.
Guys who like to catch the coolest and newest movies in 2D and 3D are also catered for in Kampala’s four major cinema halls at Naalya shopping mall, Garden City shopping center, Acacia mall in Kamwokya, and Cinemax just outside Makerere University main gate. Cinemax boasts of a 5D cinema, but I am not so sure about that. You could confirm that for me while on your Safari and Tour in Kampala.
Gaming is one other thing that we love to do. There are bowling alleys at Garden City shopping mall, a couple of fitness centers throughout the city; and for the golf fanatics, you’re all sorted with the presence of an expansive grass-green carpet of the Kitante Golf Course. Adding to the list, there are a number of casinos with popular ones located in Kabalagala and a mega Kampala Casino along Colville Street in the heart of Kampala.
After a long day of play, you need not to worry about where to comfortably rest your body. There are very many secure and high quality guest sleepover units ranging from luxurious five star hotels like The Kampala Sheraton and Kampala Serena to mid-range and budget accommodation centers. Having slept like a baby, you will very much hope to go through the same Kampala Safari and tour you had the previous day. Let your gut know that playing is never a difficulty in Uganda’s Capital City Kampala. Welcome to the team of “hard workers, but harder players”!

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