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World Bank’s contribution to the development of the tourism sector-Uganda safari news

The gorilla and baby gorillaworld Bank has greatly supported the tourism sector of Uganda and this has helped it to market and promote its tourism industry to the outside world. This has been through providing grants and loans to the sector and this has helped to increase the number of safaris to Uganda.

The loans and the grants which are provided by the World Bank have greatly helped in constructing roads and hotels which the tourists use when they come for safaris in Uganda. This has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector and also in the development of the country.

The money from the world bank not only financed the tourism sector but also agriculture sector which is considered to be the back bone of Uganda. The infrastructural, energy, education, environmental conservation, health and water and sanitation sectors, All these have greatly benefited from the finances got from the World Bank, hence developing the country.

The improvement in the development of the tourism sector has greatly helped in encouraging more visitors to come for safari tours to Uganda which is to increase on the revenues of the country and also helping in the improvement of the tourism sector.

The ministry of tourism is also planning to borrow 25 million dollars from the world bank to help in boasting the tourism sector, to improve the tourism products, packaging and promotion as well as strengthening the capacity of the tourism ministry, all this will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.  

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