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Zebras of Uganda – Uganda safari News

zebrasUganda tours have a lot to give as a destination especially when it comes to safari game viewing. You might end up being overwhelmed with a lot of wildlife species that you will experience although nothing will stand out significantly as this beautiful black and white stripped God made creature. The Uganda zebra is both a beauty queen and at the same time a mystery.

Another amazing fact about the zebras are their stripes in that no two zebras’ have the same pattern and that may seem to be false especially when viewed from a far.

These stripes today have inspired fashion trends across the world however for the zebra, it naturally ‘wears’ them naturally and they are more for protection than fashion. These stripes are a camouflage that enables these zebras to hide from predators especially lions and leopards. It becomes difficult for these predators to differentiate a zebra from another in a herd.

There is a speculation that these stripes also scare away insects. The stripes have for long been a mystery and there are a number of ideas as to why the zebra skin is striped.

Did you know Uganda is zebra country! You will see them in a number of Ugandan national parks while on your Uganda safari and it is still much easier to catch views of them in some parks than in other parks. Lake Mburo national Park and Kidepo valley National park and are the parks with the best zebra viewing experiences.

Although Kidepo valley national is very remote, it offers the best zebra views on a Uganda tour with a big number of zebras grazing out in the savannah grasslands.

The Burchell’s zebra live in small groups, within much larger family herds. However the uniqueness of the zebras is something worth writing about.

While on a safari in Uganda, there is nothing as beautiful and attracting as sights of the beautiful stripped animals moving as a herd. The zebra is an incentive for people who visit Lake Mburo national park and Kidepo valley national park.



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